Life Coaching for Young Women

an unforgettable course that inspires and transforms young women ages 11-17 to understand the true nature of beauty and master themselves internally. They will learn to be the queen of their heart.

Female hands holding a box with a gift near red decorative heart

Renae Peterson, Heart Mentor

I LOVE the Heart!

As a nurse, I am fascinated physically, emotionally, and spiritually with the intricacies of the heart. Each of us has a unique heartbeat and a unique purpose.

My experience of loving and raising my own daughters, as well as my research and academics, led me to inspiring the hearts of young women today!

I feel a call to speak into young women’s lives in a powerful way that helps them move forward in their authenticity and then inspire that in others. I want every young woman to understand their worth and know that they are loved and valued.  I want every young woman to stand tall in their true identity. I want them to not be afraid of the struggle and to equip them with the knowledge, to suit up for the battle and stand strong in all that they were created to be. I want the young woman to understand that the heart work is the hard work, but so worth it!

I want them to see with the eyes of their heart and dream for what is possible. I want to see young women standing out in a crowd because they know who they are and their true value. I want to help young women have a strong voice to advocate for themselves and others. I want them to understand the importance of letting go and unplugging from people and things that do not support them. I want to help them from experiencing unnecessary heartache; I want them to release their ‘beauty’ on the inside! I love seeing young women, who are our future generation, grab hold of the truth of who they are and move forward in their heart’s purpose.


My deep desire is a movement that creates a BEAUTIFUL impact on the hearts of young women!