Nutrition from the Inside Out

I believe that our body houses our spirit and when our body does not feel well, it is harder for our spirit to feel well. I feel it is important to empower the young women with knowledge regarding the importance of nutrition as another element in how to care for themselves from the inside out. Cris Robinson spends the evening with the young women sharing her personal experiences and expertise on the subject matter.Renae Peterson, Heart Mentor


“I love this program!

I was so honored when Renae asked me to be a part of Beautiful from the Inside Out. As a mother, I know the importance of feeding our children healthy foods. As a Nutritional Consultant, I see the impact that our diets have on our overall health. As I was a teenage girl once too, I know that most teenagers don’t think about what they eat.

I participate in Beauty from the Inside Out to instruct the girls on why it is so important that they respect their bodies. Renae teaches them how to respect their spirit and I inform them on how to respect their bodies through nutrition.

In this day and age, we see dieting ads promoting weight loss and advocating for the cookie cutter body type. Hence, it is important to understand true health. It is imperative that these lovely ladies learn the importance of feeding their body nutrient dense foods and avoiding the foods that take away from their health. I am here to teach them how and why they can make a difference in their physical and mental well being, through making small changes in the foods that they eat.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your daughter’s path to wellness.”

Cris Robinson – Nutritional Consultant and BIE Practitioner
Purple Carrot Health Food & Wellness
1243 2 Ave S
Lethbridge AB