Sponsors make a Difference!

I wanted to close by talking about how important of a role our sponsors play in helping this program to be a success. If you are currently are or have been a sponsor, then please understand, you have changed lives. For each girl who goes throughout their life knowing they are beautiful and understanding what true beauty is, the ripple effects of that gift of knowledge lasts forever, as it is passed down from generation to generation. The more people we influence to do good and to see the good in others, the better our world will be. If you are thinking about being a sponsor or have not thought about it yet, think about how much better our world would be. If you support Beauty from the Inside Out that will make a lasting difference in the life of a future wife or mother or in the life of a sister or a daughter. Families come in all shapes and sizes, but they are the so important for our society and you will have played a small but influential part in ensuring their success in the years to come.  I challenge you all to find your inner beauty and to let it shine! Kira Pratt, Beauty from the Inside Out Spring Session Graduate 2017