This is such a great course!

This is such a great course! I’m so grateful that my daughters had the opportunity to learn these amazing life lessons from Renae. We had so much fun at the mother/daughter nights, and the photo shoot. I highly recommend this course, I wish there was one for moms!

by Cali V. on Jul-23-2018

Beautiful from the Inside Out Empowers Girls!

Renae has been reaching out to girls in our community as a source of encouragement for over a decade. She is very passionate to inspire girls to be confident, self reliant, independent and strong. Beautiful From The Inside Out empowers girls through activities to boost their self esteem and teaches them to express themselves articulately to build charisma so that they can claim a leadership role. Renae provides a safe environment for girls to discuss everyday challenges at school and on social media. She teaches how to set boundaries, command respect and to embrace your authentic self. It is truly amazing and emotional to watch each girl transform and share their stories. We will forever be grateful for the impact Renae has made on our daughters and for teaching them how to tackle life’s challenges and live a more productive life on their terms. Thank you from the Beste’s

by Susanne B. on Jul-04-2018

Our Lives are Richer Having Met You.

Nurturing my daughter to become a loving, strong, independent, confident adult means the world to me. Taking part in Renae’s class has helped guide my daughter in this direction. Renae’s classes teach the girls empowerment to wiggle out of their comfort zones as well as teaches them to respect themselves and those around them. Renae includes a loving spirituality to all her teachings with grace at the centre of her messages. I love this! My daughter at first was reluctant to start the class, but now is sad it has come to an end. Renae, your heart is pure in your teachings and it shows in your emotion-filled testimonies you always share with the girls. Our lives are richer having met you. Thank you!

by Julie L. on May-3-2018

This was a Great Class!

I highly recommend this class to those girls out there who want a confidence booster. After taking this class I feel more like I know who I am and what kind of person I want to become. This was a great class!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 THANK YOU

by Maren P. on Apr-27-2018

This Class has Truly Been a Blessing!

I’ve been equipped with so many skills that will help me throughout my entire life. I’ve learned how to lead my life with kindness and grace, how to love and respect myself and others, to know when letting go is good, how forgiveness towards myself and others is liberating, how to be confident in myself, how to turn a sour conversation around by asking questions, how to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the messages of the world, how to reject the lies and receive the truth, and so much more. I now understand how to get to the heart of the problems I’m facing. I think this class would be more than beneficial for any girls willing to put in the work. The heart work is truly the hard work, and doing the work has been so worth it. I refuse to forget what I’ve learned and accept the call to wear a crown. I’ve learned to be a Queen rather than a puppet on a string. I know how important my voice is. I know that I am loved and important and irreplaceable. Thank you is simply not enough! Renae is a beautiful person with a beautiful message and purpose.

by Megan P. on Apr-25-2018

It is Well Worth the Time!

We heard about “Beauty From the Inside Out” by word of mouth, and we are so glad we did! Renae is so open and honest, and she speaks from her heart to any girl privileged to take part in this course! In this day and age, girls need to be taught about inner beauty, about self-respect and respecting others, and about how to deal with negativity that may come their way. And the bonus is also being taught tips and tricks with make-up and hair, and getting nutrition advice! The Mother/daughter evenings were very special as well. I highly recommend anyone with daughters to register them in one of Renae’s sessions… it is well worth the time!

by Melissa H on Apr-17-2018

The Heart Work is the Hard Work

Throughout the course of Beauty from the inside out I learned many things. Renae is truly a phenomenal teacher and an amazing person herself! I would recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone! It doesn’t really matter who you are! This class helped me gain more confidence and feel good about myself. I even met one of my best friends there! I learned that you can use your heart for you and that you can speak your mind with humility and grace. You truly learn beauty from the inside out. I love Renae Peterson and she had a massive impact on who I am today. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you Renae. I had a great time and I left that class knowing more about how to treat myself and others around me.

by Renee Kochan on Jan-14-2017

An Unforgettable Course

I am so thankful to have learned so much from this class!! It’s truly an experience not to be forgotten. I was taught how to love me for who I am, to not let others rule over me and much more!! After taking this class I am more confident then I ever have been and have learned that true beauty isn’t more important on the outside, but on the inside!! I will definetly continue to use these lessons in my life as long as I live. Without Renae Peterson, a very talented woman, I would not have been able to learn these life lessons. She helped me uncover the true beauty in me. Thank you SO much!!

by Affia Zopoula on Jul-15-2016

Much Gratitude!

Thank you so much Renae for taking the time to teach us! I loved learning about my true beauty! I learned so many life lessons that will help me as I grow. I wouldn’t have as much confidence as I have today!! The words thank you don’t seem to be enough, but I will try anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH RENAE!

by Dylan B on Jul-14-2016

Pursuing a dream…

I am so grateful that there are people like Renae in this world. Her passion to help girls grow into confident, courageous young women who respect people around them is so refreshing. Renae is able to speak to the hearts of girls and draw out the beauty that is inside each one of us. Thank you so much, Renae, for your transparency and your time. <3

by Marilee T on Jun-21-2016

Amazing Experience

I took this class twice and loved it! Renae is amazing at explaining inner beauty and how i am enough. i learned to reject the lies that were hurting me and focus on inner beauty. the photoshoot with my mom was great bonding time and the pictures turned out super cute. it was certainly a life changing experience and i’d like to thank Renae for providing me with such a wonderful time. 🙂

by Anneli T. on Jun-18-2016

Truly life changing

This course honestly changed my life! And it will continue changing it, as long as I stay true to the truths that were revealed to me in this couse. True beauty is rare but the sweetest kind! I learned how to find that within myself, along with many other life lessons. The knowledge I’ve gained from the beauty from the inside out course is more precious to me that any gold or diamonds I could ever poses. Truly life changing.

by Bailey-Rae on Jun-07-2016

Word of Mouth

Me and my sister were sponsored to get into this program seven years ago. Today, this remains one of the most powerful courses I have taken and is an influential experience to me. I don’t believe I would be the same person nor would I look at my surroundings the same way if I did not have the opportunity to go this course. I only hope that more people will be given the chance to change the way they see themselves, and their lives through this amazing experience. Thank you, Renae!!

Suzannah MacDonald on Feb-21-2016

This should be a requirement in School

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for Renae and the amazing work she does in this program for the girls. Our daughter became 10x stronger emotionally from it and is now blossoming in school again! Hoping one day it will be a requirement for all girls in jr high!! Thank you Renae for the time, thought and love you put into every girl who attends!!

Rachael on Feb-12-2016

I Loved It!

I loved Beauty From The Inside Out! It was super inspiring! I very much loved it! Renae was a kind and sweet girl I loved her class. Monday’s are so diffrent not seeing her face and smile. I miss her inspiring quotes and laugh! If I could I would come to the class again just to see Renae. The class helped me a lot! I feel confident and happy now! Thank you Renae! – Abby

by Abby on Dec-23-2015

Life Course Changing

This is what my preteen daughter needed at this time in her life. The things she learned in Beauty from the Inside Out have changed the way she thinks about herself and others. She is a happier more confident and more grounded girl, and that will change the course of her life! New and positive doors will open for her because she is now aware of them. And some of the negative doors she has walked through before, she won’t think twice about now. Her opportunities are different and better because she thinks differently and in a more positive, more self-affirming way. Thank you Renae!

by Amy on Dec-16-2015

Absolutely Inspiring

This class was absolutely amazing!! Renae explained things really well and shed some light on the topics that were more difficult to understand. Everything she said managed to touched my heart in a unique and special way! The outer beauty nights were really fun and engaging, and the lessons themselves really inspired me to try my best. THANK YOU RENAE!!!????

by Jade N on Dec-15-2015

Life Changing!

I am so glad that I had the amazing opportunity to attend the beauty from the inside out course! I have learned amazing tools to help me through my life. Renae really goes all out and cares so much for each and every person that joins her class. This class was so fun and you learn so much! I will always cherish what I have learned from her and the classes!

Evelyn Quilty on Dec-15-2015

Such a great experience

The graduation last night was so wonderful. It was inspiring to hear how each girl had been blessed by this course. I’m happy that my daughter was a part of this and given tools to help her throughout her life. This is an amazing course taught by a woman who shows these girls what true beauty fom the inside out looks like. Thank you Renae for all the time you give.

by Tricia Tanner on Dec-15-2015

Thank You

I am so grateful that my daughter was given this opportunity.. The support in our community from the various amazing sponsors; that without their support many young girls would continue to struggle. Renae – ThankYou for your passion and for sharing. You bring a smile to so many faces.

by Rita L on Nov-27-2015


WOW! What an amazing, emotional, and inspiring evening at the Graduation Ceremonies last night. Not only have you inspired these young women to discover their beautiful selves and be confident with who they are, you have encouraged me as a mom to look deep and take care of my own heart. Every women of any age would benefit from spending a mere 10 minutes talking with you. Thanks for all that you do!

by Tammy on Jun-04-2015

Topics explained how they touched you

Be the queen of you’re heart touched me because what I think it means is you don’t let anyone say things you don’t want them to.You can’t let them get to you, even though you think what they say is true, it really isn’t. What you need to do is just believe in you’re self and tell. Them it hurts you. Stand up for you’re self you need strength, courage, and conference that you can do this. Say to your self what lies have I received?. This helped me because I thought all those lies were true about me. It turns out they not true at all. Some where deep down their hurt and want to put all that hurt on us. They don’t know it hurts you until you do something about it. It’s not going to get solved unless you throw out the thoughts they said or you say something about it

by Irelyn foxall on Jun-01-2015

Thanks for Everything

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you do with the girls you teach in this course. As a mother I know the struggles that teenage girls face and you have made a huge difference in my daughter. She was excited to tell me about class every week on our way home from class. She smiles more now and she seems a lot less stressed and I believe it is because of the things you have taught her about herself. I am grateful that this class is available in this day and age where bullying is on the rise. You teach them to respect and love themselves and in turn teaches them to respect others as well, So thank you for that and I hope you continue to be a light in the darkness for all the girls you have helped and will help in the future.

by S. Strachan on Jun-01-2015

Mom and daughter night

Renae, Over the past 14 years I have watched my daughter grow into the great girl she is. I have taught her many aspects of life and inner self. But over the past several weeks I have seen more growth than I thought possible. I am greatful beyond words. My daughter has more self confidence, strength and she is mindful of her words and actions. I have also seen her stand up for herself with friends and mend a friendship that ended badly. She is now a young woman than a child. I have taught her many of the lessons you have, but I think it holds more weight coming from a smart, confident and big hearted woman. Our mom and daughter night was one of those rare moments in life that I will cherish always. We had a wonderful time getting our hair and make-up done, we felt beautiful. I can not wait to see the photos of us. We also went for an ice cream and watched the sun set over the coolies. It was a special night for us. I thank you for joining us mothers into your classes. Again, Renae, I feel blessed to have found you and your class. My daughter and I have gained knowledge from you. I hope you continue to offer your time and lessons for years to come. I want to sponsor a girl some time soon.

by T Peterson on May-27-2015

Thank you Renae

Renae what you do for these young girls is truly amazing. I have watched my daughter struggle this year between trying to find herself and trying to escape all the bullying at school. This class has helped her in so many ways. She has a completely new attitude. You’re class also gave her the confidence and courage to overcome her struggles. Thank you so much for offering such an amazing class for young girls.

by Candice Tytula on Apr-18-2015

Thank you Renae

I usually don’d post stuff like this ………. however it has hit close to my heart and felt it so valuable in today society of bullying and social media, the challenges and pressure our teenagers face today. I have to share and pass along the value of this experience. I am so greatful to have such an amazing relationship with Taylor since she was little, bed time book reading was our favourite time a day, nothing better than a bath and read book. As Taylor grew older we went on to chapter books to eventually her finally telling me “Mom I am old enough we don’t need to have bed time stories any more” sad day for me 😉 I knew I still needed to have that time with her as our days were packed full of work, school and activities. So we started up our “pillow talk” we would chat about our day and it really was a time for Taylor to tell me about her day without me giving “mom direction” on what I felt was best for her. I felt she needed to come up with that on her own. I would simply ask her questions to get her mind rolling for her to navigate her best solution to her situation. We always ended with what was our favourite part of our day a positive thought before bed! I felt this created an open communication for us where she did not feel judged and she could feel safe talking to me about anything. Today we still continue “pillow talk” in different forms … yes we should have shares in Starbucks we enjoy our visits. While Taylor and I chatted we would talk about challenges being a girl and our emotions so vulnerable at the teenage years . We seem to be the care givers and naturally just want to love and trust everyone. We both enjoyed sharing our stories with each other and this is where it lead us to today, growing pains in growing up in today’s world ….. I looked at my life growing up even if we were struggling at school or with friends you hashed it out and carried on and when we came home it ended…. Today the bullying and judgments do not end when our kids come home from school it carries on the internet it NEVER stops, how do we teach our children to cope with the harsh negativity around us on a daily bases. The way I believed was to teach my daughter the respect for herself and those around her, build confidence in her and make her strong enough to not let it scar her heart I wanted her to know she has the power to not let people control her feelings and emotions. Renae is so passionate about these young ladies, it was so inspiring to see these girls leave every Monday with smiles on their faces laughing and giggling …feeling good about who they are! We should be teaching our kids to be who they are! Renae Peterson has such an amazing talent to connect with these young ladies. She gives them the tools to build the confidence in themselves to see things differently and grow. Not only is it amazing to the spirit of our young ladies but really fun to have a few mother daughter nights to bond, Taylor loved it!! She has really taken the learning and uses them in her life! She just loves Renae! I am so greatful to Renae and her talents to make a difference in these young lives.

by Angela Cornforth on Dec-17-2014

So Much Thanks!

I cannot thank you enough for how amazing this program made me feel. this is such a wonderful program, and every girl that is put into this program will also think the same thing. I feel so much better about who i am. thank you so much renae for making such a fabulous program. any girl of any age should take this, because all girls need to be able to see that they are beautiful, from the inside out (ayy thats a pun kinda lol). these past 11 weeks have been amazing, and i would love to do it again or have some of my friends go in it, too!

by madeline bilodeau on Dec-06-2014

What a great experience for young girls!

Thank you Renae so very much for all that you do for these girls! I wish that you were doing this when I was a little girl.

by A. Howlett on Dec-01-2014

A Unique Opportunity…

This world is and increasingly continues to be so very effective at objectifying and degrading people in general and especially women and young women. I am grateful to Renae that through this program, young women have a further opportunity to discover their true value and where it comes from. As a mum of two girls I have taught them their true value, but it is a unique opportunity to have those values and truths validated by someone with other life experiences, different credentials and who comes from outside our family circle. Anytime I can see my daughters be happy within themselves and show their inner confidence I am pleased and feel great success as a mum. I truly believe this program is a wonderful teaching opportunity to help our daughters grow into their full potential.

by Corrie-Anne D’Eon on Nov-25-2014

Wish I had this program when I was a teenager!

by Sara fitzhenry on Nov-20-2014
Having a daughter with self esteem issues and having difficulty expressing or dealing with her emotions was very heartbreaking. And after going through a few major rough patches this past summer hearing about this program from my best friend was like a message from heaven. Seeing small changes in my daughter is a step in the right direction! I wish that this program had been available when I was a teenager as I suffered with much of the same issues as my daughter. I think that even as adults many of us women could benefit from a program such as this so that we can learn to be better role models for our daughters!

by Sara fitzhenry on Nov-20-2014

Every female of any age must take this program !

Having a daughter who has some self esteem issues, and more than your average teenage anger issues, i was concerned about the impressionable years ahead and making the right choices. I knew nothing about this program until her school phoned me and said she had been sponsored. i was very grateful for the sponsor, as i never would have had the money to enroll her. Thank you again Dr Evans ! Renae contacts to these girls regardless of their personality types. She has that natural friendliness that draws you to her. She draws the girls out of themselves and and opens their eyes to the fact that a being classy woman is the goal. Within the first few weeks of this program i already noticed a change in my daughter. I am forever grateful my daughter had this opportunity. thank you Renae for being there for the girls

by shanna cullen on Aug-18-2014

Proud to be a Sponsor

For the spring session 2014, I and Harold’s Auto Service were new sponsors. I met my sponsored teen just after the 11-week sessions began. Devastated to have been brought to me by her parents she stared at the floor willing herself to drop right through the concrete and out of view. Shaking, she shrank away from me when I put my arms around her to say how happy I was to meet her and happy to be her sponsor. With the unkempt hair and rumpled clothing she wore, I wouldn’t have even recognized the confident, poised and beautiful young woman that strutted her way into the grad ceremonies several weeks later. What an incredibly positive change for her! It is impossible to quantify the accumulated benefits gained by the many teens who have completed this program over the years but I know their lives were forever changed and that our community will benefit forever. Thank you for allowing us to take part in your wonderful program Renae.

by Beverly Kaltenbruner on Jun-16-2014

Can’t Stress The “Thank-You” Enough!!

Dear Renae, Thank you so much for the past 11 weeks and “Beauty from the inside out.” It has changed my life forever in ways I just cannot explain. I now see the truth over the lies and the happiness over the pain. I feel stronger mentally and physically. I can spot out the bullies and stand up for what is right. I feel and see the beauty inside me only im not death gripping it, for it is holding me close. That first day I walked in I wasn’t sure what to expect but once we started moving foreword with the transformation on the inside I realized the class was changing me in a way I began to love! So Renae I can’t stress how thankful I am for not only meeting you but for learning that I am enough, so thank-you so very much I will miss you and the girls from the class very much and I will keep all of you in my heart forever and for always.

by Haley Tinordi on May-28-2014

Beauty from the inside out

Hi Renae!(: i want to say a thank you for these past 11 weeks. They have been amazing. it helped me with a lot. im not the shy girl that i used to be. I know that i can make the right choices. ive learned the key to confidence, which before i came to this class, i really needed. thank you is an understatement. your course has helped me with so much!it was an amazing experience and i wont forget what i learned.it changed my life for the better, and im glad it did(:

by Amber Salisbury on May-23-2014

“Thank you” is an understatement

Hi, Renae!! Words cannot describe how much you and this course have impacted my life. It was something I didn’t expect, but I greatly enjoyed it. I am so thankful to my sponsor and you for everything. My days have become a lot more brighter since taking your course. I have more happy days than sad and I’m more open to meeting new people, without having someone i know with me. I am so thankful for this course and I’m so happy that you taught it. You’re an amazing person, Renae. And my Idol too. This course was everything and more!! xx

by Janet Kamara on May-22-2014

To Say “Thank-You” Just Isn’t Enough

Thank you Renee for everything you have done over the 11 weeks I have intrusted my daughter in your care. It is amazing the changes I have seen in her in just these short few weeks. I know she will develop into a beautiful confident flower in the years to come following your lead and wisdom. I thank you for your comments at the Mother-Daughter night they were inspirational and I will remember them as I try to help my daughter continue to bloom. One possible addition to your program could be some learning sessions for just the mothers. I think sometimes we get discouraged and could use some great advise as well on how to communicate with our teenage daughters. We sometimes get just as lost as they do. I would also like to take this time to thank all the sponsors out there in the Lethbridge Area. Without your help and support many of these beautiful young ladies would not get this program. I saw these girls when they came in the first day, many were hiding under their clothing, hair and/or makeup. Seeing them the other night at the Mother-Daughter night, getting their hair and make-up done, it was amazing to see some of the transformations. Your support of this program means so much – without you these girls would not have the opportunity to learn and grow. With all the bullying in our society these days – girls need somewhere to gain the confidence to find there inner strength to ignore what is being said and move past it. I wish this program could be mandatory to all teenage girls in about Grade 8 or 9, because the skills they get out of it is amazing. To say “Thank-You” Just isn’t enough!

by Diana Davoren on May-11-2014

Beauty From the Inside Out

This course has helped me in many ways including self confidence, learning to respect myself and others around me, take care of my body properly while expressing myself, and learning to treat others with kindness. Without going to this course, I wouldn’t be the person that I am now. I am much happier and am learning to accept myself the way I am. The most important thing that I learned was to reject the lies that others tell me, and to receive the truth that I am beautiful inside and out! Thank you Renae!

by Christina Schmidt on Apr-12-2014

Queen of your Heart

Dear Renae, Thank you so much for “Beauty from the Inside out”. It has helped and changed me. I have gained confidence within myself and I also have learnt the truths from the lies. I have learnt to stand up to the bullies show them how strong you really are. This program has changed my mind about a lot of things. Renae made me feel that I am actually worth something and that there is something to life worth living. The girls that were in the program with me are amazing. Thank you for this wonderful course I am gunna miss it /:

by Cassidy Laflamme on Apr-09-2014

Truth and Beauty

Dear Renae, Thank you for “Beauty from the Inside Out”. The wisdom and insights that you shared with us have touched our lives profoundly. Christina has grown in grace and confidence during this journey that she began with you just a few short weeks ago. The lessons about poise, posture, etiquette, health and nutrition were all taken to heart and become a part of who she is because you speak and live Truth. We both loved the special Mother/Daughter nights and one on one time to cherish each other. I would like to close with this prayer that I say for each of my children every morning: “So stand your ground with truth buckled round your waist and integrity for a breastplate,wearing for shoes on your feet the eagerness to spread the gospel of peace and always carrying the shield of faith so that you can use it to put out the burning arrows of the evil one. And then you must accept salvation from God to be your helmet and receive the Word of God from the Spirit to use as a sword…(Ephesians 6:14-17) You and the staff of Brio Salon and Purely Inspired are examples of people who put their “Armour” on to “spread the gospel of peace”. Thank you and God Bless you.

by Marianna Schmidt on Apr-07-2014


Thank you Renae! You are indeed an authentic beautiful person from the inside out! I am thrilled that my daughter was able to attend your program. Your genuine enthusiasm, bold honesty and passion for helping young ladies discover that they can be truly beautiful from the inside out are impressive and truly appreciated. Your program is well structured and covers so many significant topics that has challenged, inspired and motivated my daughter and I am sure all the other fortunate young ladies who attended to become better, stronger and more self-reliant with the realization that they are more than capable of being that beautiful person that God designed them to be. Thanks for including the fun Mother/Daughter nights in your program it was a lot of fun and very special! The essence of your program is beautiful and it should be something that every young lady has the opportunity to be a part of. Your compassion, inner strength,thoughtfulness and passion for helping is a “true thing of beauty.”

by Annmarie and Chelsea Joseph on Apr-05-2014

Best experience ever!

Wow, is the only word that can describe this course. I have learned to more confident. Now I’m not scared to do anything. I am okay with people disliking me. I like myself and that’s all that matters. If anyone gets the chance to take this course, don’t think just say yes, if you say no you will probably regret it. This course is life changing. I know it changed mine. Renae is the best, thanks Renae!

by Kaylee Martel on Dec-11-2013

Life Changing

The 11 weeks that I got to spend with Renae and the other girls in my class were amazing. I loved every moment of it<3 I wish I could do it again, because it is life changing, and I know I can still learn a lot from Renae because she has so much to offer. Because of her I have gotten so much more confident, and feel like I am actually something.. That I have a purpose in life, and its all thanks to her and the support from all the other beautiful girls in my class. Mother/Daughter night brought me and my mom so much closer. We understand each other, talk more, and also on the occasion go and do things together (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner or go shopping. Thank you so much Renae Love you lots<3<33 Stay Beautiful

by Taylor Ferguson on Dec-11-2013

It Changed My Life

When I was first told by my mom that I was going to these classes, I was mad and I didn’t want to go. I felt as though it was a waste of my time and I didn’t think I needed it. But I went and I am so glad I did. I had all this anger and emotion boiled up inside me and I felt this hopelessness whenever I felt about who I was. Renae, whenever she spoke to us, taught us to accept who we were and who we were going to become over out life span. She taught us valuable lessons. Renae taught with a open heart, sharing, listening and caring for each one of us. Renae made a big difference in my life and without her inspiration, who knows were I would be now. And Renae, I know I promised to write this a long time ago, but I said I would do it on Monday, and here I am thanking you for saving my life and making my journey on this pathway easier, because I know that I am equipped with the skills you taught me. And I know that you care about what happens to me and to the lives of the other girls that you loved. Thank you, and like I said before, you are truly beautiful, inside and out.

by Marielle Stoutjesdyk on Aug-19-2013


“Hello Jillian, I’m Renae.” That’s how it all started. From the moment I met her I new Renae was special. She knew beauty, knew hurt. She guided us through all of that to find the truth in ourselves and in others. I have dealt with plenty of hardship in my life, as have all the girls here. I love how Renae has shown us the path to true beauty. This course has helped with so much. How to deal with the dance floor, the pain. Not to let others write all over your heart. I have learned not to let the dark places hold me back, although they have bin since, well, forever. I now know to love everybody for their inner beauty, not their outer beauty. Thank-you Renae, you are changing the world, one girl at a time.

by Jillian Sullivan on Jun-11-2013

Amazing Experience

Thank-you for everything this course is absolutely wonderful. It is going to change my life. I loved everything about this course. I already feel like a whole new person. The best part was all the mother daughter nights. It is so much fun. Renae is a life changer. She says the truth it may hurt but its the dead truth. I know that I’m going to spread what she taught me to other people. I hope to be one day as strong as she is. It is so worth it to go to this course it will change your life if you take in what she says and let it hit your heart the way it was meant to be. I would totally go again it is amazing and you make such great friends that have gone through some of the same stuff as you and it feels so good to have someone who gets it. Renae is always there and if you have a chance to take this course do it!! Thank-you for everything I loved your course and for all your help (:

by Destiny Conarroe on Jun-09-2013

Mother-Daughter Night

Thank-you for the wonderful gift of the Mother-daughter nights both at Brio salon and Purely Inspired/DeJourdan’s. What a wonderful opportunity for bonding, creating memories and fun and learning about “beauty, both inside and out”. Enjoyed every moment and want to say thank-you to Kristen at Brio for the very fun and informative evening and to the staff at Purely Inspired for their patience, enthusiasm and professionalism during our make-over, so fun! Thank you to Mark at DeJourdan’s too, can’t wait to see the pictures. Renae- you are truly amazing as a woman, a Mom and a mentor for young girls. I am so grateful to you for your positive influence, role modeling & talent in inspiring Megan to reach her full potential, to be a confident, gracious young lady, true to herself & her spirit & a positive influence on other girls in her own life. You are truly a blessing and we hope you know how much you are appreciated 🙂

by Tracy Creig on May-28-2013

Mother/daughter night

What a great night!, Thank you so much for putting this night on. I enjoyed the whole evening. This was a great experience to share with my daughter. This was something we would have never done together on our own. It was just so fun doing girly stuff together. My daughter and I are the only girls in the house. (There are 4 males) so needless to say we don’t get a lot of girl time. Watching my daughter get her hair and makeup done and being so happy~ there are no words to describe the pleasure it gave me. I can’t wait to see the pictures. Thank you so much Renae ~ you truly are a gift from God. Thank you for sharing your life with these girls.

by Stacey Cahoon on May-23-2013

Mother/daughter night

I had 2 daughters that were given the gift to join this class watching them both go on this journey was amazing they have learned to say what they need to say in a nice way with getting there point across thanks to everyone who made it such a special night it was a good bonding evening and made them feel special it has changed my girls thanks Renae!!

by Dede. Conarroe on May-22-2013

Forever Changed

I love the closeness that my daughter and I felt. We both got our hair and make-up done. We then had out photos done. It felt amazing to have that very special moment for just her and I. I never would of expected to feel the way I did. I’ve watched my daughter change in so many ways with the coarse. I would say this should be almost a must for young ladies and the not so young.

by Theresa Dzioba on May-22-2013

Amazing Influence

This Course has changed my life. It taught me so many things like, to think positively about myself, to be adventurous and not shy. In this course I found out that I was passive/aggressive in resolving an argument and I learned how to engage an argument properly. Hey, Renae it is a true blessing to have meet you, you are a gift to the world. You helped me learn so much and I am so grateful to you. You are an amazing influence, I would recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks so much for helping me learn to help me so that I have sometime and stuff for me and I’m not just helping others all the time. You are a light in the world and you are inextinguishable. Please stay that way, you are amazing. And keep the Beauty from the inside out course coming because it’s one of the top courses in the world. Have tons of fun righting your book.

by Naomi on Mar-05-2013


Oh, that I would have had this course when I was a young teen girl, making my way in an ugly world. Renae, this program is life-changing. I’ve seen an emotional intelligence in my daughter that was just NOT present (not to this degree) before this course. Not only that, she and I have had great talks, snuggles, laughter, tears, and just time together as a result of what she has learned from you and the other girls in the program. Mother/Daughter nights were a blast! We had NO idea what to expect, and we wound up with fun ringlets in our hair and amazing memories in our hearts. Please continue to do this course! Grow it! Write your Book! The messages in Beauty from the Inside Out are truly priceless! Please LIKE Renae’s Facebook page, too!

by Raylene on Jan-09-2013


Renae, I want to congratulate you for the wonderful program you have put together. Beauty from the Inside has helped my daughter so much. We noticed a huge difference in her behaviour since the first night. She is now more self-confident and happy. I am sure your advice and example will help her make good choices in the future. You have been so friendly and available to us since we contacted you for the first time. I (the mom) have also enjoyed so much getting to know you. You are an incredible person. Thank you so much. God bless you.

by Monica B on Dec-10-2012

Mother Daughter Nights, Brio Salon and Photo shoot

A HUGE Thank you to Renae, Brio Salon (Kristen), Purely Inspired and deJourdan’s Photography. What a fun 2 nights!! Everyone looked amazing! My daughter’s self-confidence, self-respect, and her true realization of self-worth, has increased tenfold since starting this course. Every single girl need this!! It is not just Renae’s knowledge that she brings with her, it is her genuine true love for young women and her beautiful spirit that makes this course so unique and one of a kind. She truly has a gift of touching one’s heart. Thank you so much for everything and reminding us of the important role we play in our girl’s lives.

by Hetsie I. on Nov-29-2012

Mother Daughter photo shoot night

Our mother daughter night was awesome. I learned some things and so did Melissa. The photo session night was extra special because I really thought that my daughter has blossomed, grown up and looked like such a beautiful young lady. Can’t wait to see the pics. Thank you so much for this course!! Thanks to Purely Inspired and deJourdan’s.

by Liz Leusink on Nov-26-2012

Mother/Daughter Night At Brio

Thank You Renae and Brio salon (Kristen) for a wonderful evening. I personally learned a few new things, had tears but most importantly was reminded of the importance of my direct role/influence and how it will affect how strong/confident my daughter becomes while developing into a young lady/woman. Thank you so much!

by Shelly Korethoski on Nov-25-2012

Mother/daughter night at Brio

Thank you Renae and thanks to Kristen for the fantastic evening the other night. It was nice to be included in the evening with the girls. Fabulous presentation and lots of information, very well done. Always love hearing Renae speak as well, have to hold back the tears at times. So happy my daughter is able to participate in the program.

by Tracy Skakun on Nov-21-2012

Mother/Daughter Night

Was a night to remember. What a great way to bond closer to the daughter a mother loves so very much. It was a wonderful experience and a great evening. The pictures are amazing and a great keepsake. What a wonderful activity for bonding with each other. I thank you again for the opportunity to be able to participate not only in the night but in the course. Your dedication and passion for helping young women find themselves is appreciated by many. Again thank you.

by Cathy Parker on Jun-26-2012

Thank you

Thank you so much Renae for everything you have done for me. This course opened my eyes up as I now know the importance of mine and others actions. The many tools you have taught me will help me drastically in the future as you have helped me grow into a mature, kind, respectful young lady. I wish more girls had the chance to be in your course, you touch so many lives Renae. I feel as though every girl should have the opportunity to be in this course as life’s pressures are not easy for a teenage girl. The many things you educate us young ladies on is to last a life time. I am so blessed I had the chance of meeting you and being in beauty from the inside out. I cannot thank you enough! I hope to see you more in the future! 🙂

by Caylee Vogel on Jun-19-2012


Thanks Renae it was amazing and I feel very blessed to meet you and have fun in the course thank you Renae for being a kind caring person I think everyone should meet you and go in the course! <3

by Nakia Lawrence on Jun-15-2012

Thank You

Thank you so much Renae for absolutely everything! Graduation was awesome! So many inspiring stories! Thank you for standing with me during my speech. It was an honor to meet you and an honor to be in your class. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world 😀 Thank you so much for doing what you do, and most importantly, for caring when nobody else did. You are truly and amazing, beautiful person from the inside out.

by Jessica White on Jun-12-2012

Mother/ Daughter Night

Loved it! Loved it. It was such special evening to get pampered and to get our photos taken for memory by deJourdan. We were taught how to apply make up to make our natural beauty shine from the girls at Purley Inspired. We laughed, we cried tears of happiness, we learned new things all the while feeling beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful night Renae.

by Julianna Duplessis on Jun-11-2012

Mother/Daughter Night

It was a fantastic evening. I got to fill the shoes of my son girlfriends “Mom”. Not having a daughter of my own, I really enjoyed spending quality girl time with Varee. We both laughed and felt like princesses or I was the queen and she was the princess (lol) for the evening and having our pictures taken to remember for a life time. A big thanks to Rene for all the hard work she has put in with all the girls.

by Kristina Proc on Jun-05-2012

A Special Gift

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mother-Daughter days @ Brio Salon and @ Purely Inspired/deJourdans. As a Mother of 4 girls, I try to set aside time for one on one “dates” with my daughters. Whether we spend time @ home watching a movie, baking going to scheduled events- these times together are the Greatest Gift of All! Sharing good conversation, laughing together & creating memories is what I love to embrace. And- that is just what Caylee & I did! We both learned so much @ Brio Salon- Kristen was fantastic. Just when you think you knew everything there is to know about face & hair- we took away still more new concepts. But, it wasn’t what we learned that was most meaningful; it was the special memories we created. Mark @ deJourdans truly made the experience positive & fun. We are looking forward to the photos as he brought out the playful, fun sides of us together. Thanks you Renae for organizing these Mother-Daughter days; A Special Gift indeed! 🙂

by Linda Vogel on Jun-01-2012

Mother/Daughter evening

Wow!! What a night! Not only did I participate with my daughter and niece, but my mom – the girls’ grandmother – attended as well! We laughed our way through the photos. The hair and make-up women at Purely Inspired were amazing to work with and they made us look incredible. It will truly go down in all of our minds as a most wonderful evening. I will cherish the memories. Thank you!!!

by Cyndi Starzyk-Frey on May-30-2012

You have shown me light

Thank you Renae for your words, and wonderful spirit throughout the past few months. You have taught me so much about myself, and others, and I have been blessed to have this opportunity. You have helped me believe in myself, and given me light towards a better future. This course has given me hope for the things to come in life, and the willingness to strive to succeed in every aspect of life. Thanks for everything!

by Holly on May-07-2012

Thank you!!

Thank you Renae for showing me that I am enough and for letting me see the true beauty in myself and that I shouldn’t put myself down and only let some people dance on my dance floor and that I am good enough… and thanks for all you have done and I had a great time in the course with you 🙂

by Mariah Wilkins on May-06-2012

I can do this.

This course has… made me look at myself in a whole new light. It has slowly helped me to realize that I AM worth it, and that I CAN do it. Thank you for everything Renae.

by Tylar on May-05-2012

I am enough.

Renae, I would like to sincerely thank you for helping me see the true beauty in myself. You have inspired me to reach for my dreams and follow my heart. You have showed me What true beauty is, and that it comes from the heart. Who I should keep on my dance floor and who Shouldn’t be on it. I am enough for the world and I only believe the truth. I am beautiful inside and out, thanks to you, I now know who I want to become, a healthy, independent leader, who strives to accomplish her goals, no matter who tries to stop me. I thank you for all that you’ve done.

by Reanne Bouvier on May-03-2012

Thank You!!!

Thank you for everything. You helped me realize the things that I really couldn’t say. Like saying I am enough instead of putting myself down nand helping me decide on who I want on my dance floor and who needs to get off of it. I used to be one of the girls who got flustered when a guy called me pretty but now I know it was all just an act to get close to that girl and you showed me that! You helped me when I needed it most and thank you for that and for everything.

by Dana M. on May-03-2012

Pulse of the Office

Wow! Renae, you are so inspiring to me! You have chosen to walk a different path than so many out there who get caught up in the crowd and that “junior high” mentality. I appreciate your honest and open manner, and bringing to our attention that our reaction to others often reflects our own insecurities. I have definitely been using my ‘mirror’ and don’t always like what I see, but I am determined to change behaviors and thought patterns. Thank you so much!

by Becky B. on May-01-2012

Mother/Daughter Night

Renae I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help that you given Chloe over the last few months. The mother/daughter nights have been very special to us and I have seen my daughter grow in confidence in all aspects of her life. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us on the Brio night and thank you for offering this magical course to my daughter xx

by Gillian on Apr-27-2012

IAAP Lethbridge Seminar

Theme of this year’s seminar was: ADMINS Pulse of the Office. Renae did such an amazing job of revealing how the truth that hides inside of us really shows up so clearly on the outside anyway. Her presentation on the art of communication and how we are the pulse of the office (or home) were so applicable to every part of daily life! Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable – but she’s one of the brave hearted who do it anyway. Thanks so much Renae!

by Ruth H. on Apr-26-2012

Speaker Hit the Mark!

I had the opportunity to hear Renae speak to a group of administrative professionals. Thank you for your message on the art of communication. I respect your open and honest manner. I will always remember to check my pulse and promise to turn the mirror to both sides of a situation and take responsibility for my part (hope others would follow too!). I wish this program was available to women long ago. Kudos to you!

by Shauna H. on Apr-25-2012

Purely Inspired/deJourdan’s Night

Thank you, Renae, Mark and the wonderful team at Purely Inspired. What a wonderful evening Claire and I had last night. The ladies did a fabulous job with us and we looked spectacular. I can’t wait to see how the pics turn out. Thanks again!!

by Gloria Chambers on Apr-24-2012

Mother/Daughter Night at Brio

Renae, I thank you for your openness and willingness to connect to us on a deeper level. Your sincerity and ability to take risks is outstanding. That evening I loved how I felt validated in my sense of motherhood and motivated to continue on my path. Dana is so fortunate to have you as an amazing, positive, female mentor. Hats off to you! And, bravo to all of the other mothers out there who are taking the time to be there for their daughters.

by Bonnie H. on Apr-12-2012

Night at Brio Salon

Thank you again for taking the time to invest in our young ladies. It is such a gift and privilege for the girls to be able to attend – I hope my daughter realizes that! Thank you Renae too for your vulnerability and sharing from your heart – helps me to be a better mom to a teenage daughter. Also appreciated the hair and makeup tips that night. Both Micheline and I learned something and it was great to hear it from a professional. For some reason our kids really do learn some things (and accept them) better from other people. Thanks again!

by Karen Basarab on Apr-04-2012

Thank you

I feel I have learned a lot on not to let life get in the way just be yourself as we all are different in our own way we can value or abandon those who may not be on my same level but to respect others. Love those close to you. I would suggest this course to everyone who needs a little boost in life. Thank you Renae.

by Jessica.N on Dec-12-2011

Miss this.

This Renae and this program have truly saved me in many ways to this day I still use the techniques Renae showed us. When I have times where I feeling at my lowest I look back to my journal and use the methods every morning they really work and make me feel way better about myself this program is by far one of the best things that happened to me I miss it.! Thank you Renae its been awhile but your forever helping me.

by Madisin Grier on Nov-23-2011

Life Changing.

First off, Id like to thank Renae for creating this program because it changed my life. I walked into the class with very low esteem, no confidence, and no self respect. The course changed my perspective on life, and taught me how to truly view myself as a beautiful girl, inside and out. At the end I felt like a whole new person. I don’t know how I would have ended up if I hadn’t been so fortunate to take this class. Thank you so much.

by Aimee Sampson on Aug-04-2011

I’ll Miss this!!

Renae, I want to thank you for giving me the Chance to be in this course I learned so much. Like…How not to care about what anyone thinks, and how to be a strong, elegant women. In a Women’s world, there is nothing really for a girl to do. But you teach girls that there is chances to take to become powerful. And I’m really thankful for meeting everyone in my class. My Classmates where awesome, Funny, and very amazing. lol and plus I would also like to thank all the sponsors for coming and teaching us about nutrition, Beauty, and everything. 🙂 This Has truly changed my life. I see everything so different. I wanna thank you for everything.. And my mother and I wanna to thank you for the wonderful mother daughter night we really like the pictures. 🙂 Thank-you.

by Sarah Gilchrist on Jul-27-2011

Never will Forget!

Renae, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this program. You have truly made a difference in my life. I am grateful that I got to attend this program. I am grateful I met you. And I am grateful that I got the chance to change my perspective on life and how I view my self and others. I use your advice every day, every time I make a decision about my life. I feel confident, I am practicing honesty (sometimes it’s scary to tell the truth, but It’s something that is important to practice and a quality to have), I am being Very aware of what I am allowing on my dance floor (I only want the best for me!), and I am seeing life from a open perspective (I am trying new things I wouldn’t try like food and clothes and making friends). I hope that more girls experience this life changing opportunity. I am amazed at what you have done for me, how you opened my eyes. I will keep in touch 🙂 thank you!!!

by Jordan White Quills on Jul-27-2011

Loved it

Hey Renae I loved your program it helped me so much in getting to know my self and getting to make the right choices and getting to trust my friends more and finding out who my real friends are. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH I learned a lot and it helps a lot of girls out with problems there having and have been through your amazing and your so goo at this !!!!

by Riah Smith on Jul-20-2011

Amazing lesson

Everything that Renae taught is so valuable that it can only be understood by taking this course. This course has taught me how to look at life from a new angle and how to gain confidence. I would recommend beauty from the inside out to everyone. Thank you Renae for helping me to see clearly and open my thoughts to others, I really appreciate it. 😀

by Taylor Lapierre on Jun-17-2011

Beautiful Experience

In our world where so much emphasis is place on externals your course is a great reminder to girls that their true beauty comes from within. The graduation ceremony was particularly touching. It was great to see how the girls had grown in confidence. We really enjoyed the mother daughter photo shoot. Thank-you for dedicating your time to this program.

by Maren Cahoon on Feb-13-2011

A Treasurable Experience

Having graduated from Beauty from the Inside Out over 2 years ago I am able to see Renae’s lesson’s with more clarity. Throughout the 11 week program Renae taught us life skills which I have been able to use in my life ever since. Self-respect, honesty, and confidence are some of the many skills I was able to practice both during and after the programs completion. Through this inspirational journey I learnt that I have a rare and special beauty that lies within me. Renae helped me foster that beauty and allowed me to look at myself in an entirely different light. Junior High and High school is a time of self-discovery, exploration, and change. Taking this course when you are at a young age is a wonderful time to be encouraged to follow your heart and pursue your dreams. Renae Peterson’s vision to empower young women is helping to shape our future generations. Her program has taught me many things about myself and my surroundings and I continue to learn how I can live to my potential. I want to thank Renae for her dedication to her program, because even to this day she has continued to be a positive role model in my life. This course is a breath of fresh air and is a gift to anyone who takes it. I would recommend this course to any girl on their own path to personal discovery.

by Christine Hill on Jan-29-2011

Highly recommended!

First,I’d like to thank-you Renae for guiding those girls to realize they are beautiful,powerful intelligent young ladies! One thing as parents,we strive to personally instill positive qualities into our children everyday. Unfortunately,there is peer pressure,media and other external negatives our children are faced with. I think this can make some young girls lives full of rough choices leading to wrong decisions. It was comforting for myself as a mother to know my daughter was being empowered by your experience and expertise. It was comforting for my daughter to experience all this with equal peers and your compassion you had for each individual soul…. . Please keep up with all your wonderful efforts as we look forward to our youngest participating one day!

by Clayton and Jacqueline Heslip on Jan-04-2011

Fantastic Program

A Big thank you to Renae for all the hard work and time spent sowing into our girls lives. Sometimes hearing something said in a different way can really help it to stick. I know the dance floor analogy really struck a chord with our youngest daughter and helped her understand that she doesn’t have to “dance” with everyone – it’s OK not to dance with someone who is hurtful and critical. The mother daughter night was fantastic – a really great memory for us to share – we really enjoyed the hair and makeup and then the pictures. The girls felt very special and I’m glad that I could share it with them. Thank you again, the time spent was very valuable for our girls.

by Lori Gerber on Dec-15-2010

Wow what a feeling

I am the mother of one of the girls who took this course. She has grown up before my eyes. She has learned how to handle people who come into her life- good and bad. She has learned she is in control of her own destiny and legacy. It is funny because along the way I learned a few lessons too. I thought I knew all about me and who I was but even I learned different ways to see things and even how to deal with them. The mother/daughter makeover night was an absolute joy. I have had pictures with my daughter before but not like these. The photographer was able to catch who we were and how much love there is between us. I have never been pampered so much. I look at those pictures and cannot believe how much my baby has become a strong independent young lady and her mom isn’t too bad either…LOL. Thank you to Renae for holding this wonderful course. I know there has definitely been some life changing moments. I hope you keep up the great work as I know all the girls and this mom for sure will always remember you.

by Tabitha Stolte on Dec-15-2010

What you say is what makes you beautiful

Renae, you are full of wisdom and are good at teaching and convincing. I love your example of the dance floor. It was helpful and put the example in another way of thinking. You are right, the “I am” statements are very powerful. It is only the 3rd week coming up and you have taught me so much so thank-you!

by Tianna on Oct-12-2010

Renae ….Where to begin.

Renae Peterson is a wonderful person. She has inspired me to do the right thing. She has inspired many people and she will do so in the future. Do Not Hesitate About This Program! It is well worth the money and the time, but the experience will enlighten you and it is so worth it. Thank You Renae for everything you have taught me. I Love You!

by Kyra on Aug-09-2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

In this world where the exterior and the superficial is often emphasized to the exclusion of all else, Renae’s philosophy that beauty begins from within is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Thank you Renae for helping our daughters to see the beauty within.

by Dr. Mona Cassis/David Cavilla on Jun-06-2010

Renae, my hero, my inspiration

Renae, This experience has been amazing. From the meetings and talking about our bodies and the inside, to Brio Salon, and Catwalk and getting our photos taken. It has been a memory that will carry with me on forever. You have helped me so much in changed the way I am to the way I want to be. I very much appreciate it in many ways. Thank you so much, You truly are in my heart and when I am in need of help I will remember what you taught me. Thank You once again.

by Saraa Wever on May-26-2010

Mother daughter night at Brio Salon

My name is Kristin Tytula I work at Brio Salon as a hairstylist, makeup artist, and skin care specialist. I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this program, and a part of these wonderful girls journeys. Girls look up to their moms for an entire lifetime and to be able to stress how important that connection is will help these girls find the right paths and walk them with pride. I hope to continue watching these girls grow for years to come…You are an amazing woman, Friend, and Teacher Renae

by Kristin Tytula on May-08-2010

A Huge Thank You

My daughter just recently went through and completed the “Beauty” course that is offered by Rene. My daughter enjoyed the program and learnt so many positive things about herself and others. She has been able to apply many of the suggestions and direction that Rene gave, to her life. Thank you so much Rene for opening your heart and knowledge to these young girls. You truly are a gift.

by Stephanie Perks on May-07-2010


My daughter recently graduated from “Beauty”. I want to thank you Renae for everything, This has been an amazing experience. I hope more girls are exposed to your charm.

by Cathy Drinnan on May-03-2010


Renae has taught me so many life lessons that have changed my life truly. She not only taught me through her words but through experiences our class shared. I want to thank you Renae. I love you and We will keep in touch. Your like a second mom!!! Call me!!!

by Angela Drinnan on May-03-2010

Renae is the Sweetest Person

Thanks so much Renae for your concern about my shoulder. I’m “all good”.

by Sarah on Nov-18-2009


Renae is a truly wonderful woman, she has changed me through and through . I will never forget her. I miss you and love you . (:

by Courtney Bardock on Sep-18-2009

Renae is amazing.

Renae Peterson is an amazing women. She is the strongest and most beautiful women I have ever met. She truly changed me. I would strongly recommend this course. I love you and miss you Renae ! 🙂

by Danica Allen. on Jul-12-2009

Renae Is A Person Who Inspires Me Everyday.

Oh, where to start. Renae truly did change me, and I miss her so much! This course is totally recommended and I am so lucky I got to take it. You learn so much in the little time you have together. I wish I could do it again, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Renae is such an amazing person and I’m lucky to have met her. Renae I miss you and I love you. (: <3

by Samantha Starzyk on Nov-06-2008


OK so as the people in the Tuesday class know, I was sort of reluctant to the class the first week, but know I want to go everyday, I need it like I need music, its crazy, anyhoo I’m kinda happy that my mom signed me up for this 🙂 thanks Renae

by Shannon on Oct-24-2008

These Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks have actually started to change me. I feel more confident, stand taller, and whenever I feel down I just say, “I am enough”. I cant wait for the next few classes but will be very sad when it all ends. Thanks for everything!

by Taryn on Oct-18-2008

Truly Changes

Hey! My name is Lindsey. I went through the course that graduated last April. The course really changed how I viewed myself, and how I viewed the people around me. Renae is such an amazing role model, I can’t say thanks enough! You truly inspire me to be more! 🙂 Be a KIND girl, <3

by Lindsey on Oct-08-2008

Thank You

Well It’s Really Fun I Enjoy it Already…! I Think This Is A Really Good Program To Teach Girls That There Beautiful No Matter How They Look.

by Kayshja on Oct-04-2008

My life is already changing

My life has already been changing after the second course. I lost someone important in my life but I feel stronger and that was the right thing to do. I can’t wait for more. I’m especially excited for when we get all done up and model!

by anonymous on Oct-03-2008


Thank you so very much you are helping me through a really tough time in my life I appreciate it so very much. I just don’t know what is going to happen next I’m so scared to go out and about and your teaching me the skills so I can and I idolize you for that again thank you for being so kind and generous to me =)

by anonymous on Sep-30-2008

The Experience Of A Lifetime.

I am so excited to learn about all different types of inner and outer beauty skills. I know this will be an amazing experience to meet new people and express yourself with people that are so similar to you and that share the same feelings.

by Anonymous on Sep-21-2008


You are so full of light it’s so exhilarating. Keep it up.

by Hailey on Sep-19-2008