Why Beauty is an Inside Job

It’s not enough to be seen, what’s more important is to be felt.~Renae Peterson, Heart Mentor


The word ‘Beauty’ or ‘Beautiful’ is often simultaneously linked to the external physical attributes of a person.

However, I LOVE to challenge this ideology!

I LOVE putting a clearer lens on the camera to be able to see the truest, purest, form of beauty-a beauty that cannot be seen, but felt!  It is so exciting to recognize and see its true source and that we all have the capacity for true lasting beauty!

When our hearts are locked down, hardened and calloused after experiencing pain and rejection… we have a choice!

Allowing the toxic emotions to take root in our hearts disconnects us from our intrinsic beauty. We have to clear away the ugly inside of us to be poised to beam out our true beauty. The refinement that we have done internally reflects out in the most beautiful way. When we do not allow the dark places to hold us back-we tap into those powerful, invisible, beautiful, rhythms of the heart-we connect to the powerful, invisible, force within us that transcends the physical, that illuminates those gifts of our spirit, and radiates the FULLNESS of our BEAUTY that cannot fade or be taken away.


My vision is to inspire young women to connect to the heart of who they are; embodying those qualities to empower their life.